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We also understand that some youth are currently struggling with homelessness or may not have the support from a trauma-informed and harm reduction lenses. Therefore, Kahkike Homes is now offering outreach to high-risk youth aged 12-18, who may also have the opportunity to reside in the home. Furthermore, we offer outreach to youth aged 18-22 to provide additional support to their pre-existing service team. As noted above, we believe healing for youth can start once a relationship is built.




  • Identifies and provides specialized supports and interventions for individuals; Initiating contact with referred individuals: Assists manager with intake interviews and assesses suitability for services. Assesses support needs and formulates service plans with individuals. Makes referrals to other programs, agencies and/or community resources as appropriate.

  • Work collaboratively with the service team to best support the youth

  • Assisting individuals to plan goals and provides support in accessing community, skill development, employment skills, guidance and emotional support. Monitors their well-being and provides feedback and support to service team and/or family.

  • Transporting individuals to multiple locations in the community and surrounding areas, such as leisure centers, day programs, malls, parks, family visits and appointments. We will support them in their goals, as well as promote community inclusion and well-being. 

  • Recognizing and analyzing potential emergency/crisis’ situations and developing strategies to support individuals through them. 

  • Supporting individuals to access community resources, as well as provide referrals if needed. 

  • Assist individuals to obtain temporary or permanent housing either directly or by coordinating with other agencies.

  • Provide information that supports individuals to make better-informed/safer choices. 

  • Advocating for the individuals and assist in self-advocacy. 

  • Review individuals  progress and information share with the service team 

  • Liaising with other agencies, professionals, ministry staff and the community. 

  • Developing personalized service plans that are individual centered and comprehensive.

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